About Us

Founded in 1999, Broadgate Infonet is a UK software development and consultancy company based in Croydon, Surrey.
Broadgate has a client base in UK, USA, India, Australia, Middle East and Far East.

Who we are

Broadgate Technologies (formerly Broadgate Infonet) is a bespoke software support provider that builds its business on close working relationships with its clients that spans over decades. We partner with leading software companies as a system integrator to bring our clients the best possible solutions for their businesses. We also develop specific products and packages based on our technical or industry knowledge. Our key focus has been providing enterprise solutions with the latest technology to provide efficient and low-cost development and support services.

Broadgate’s strength is in its approach to customers’ needs. IT systems are an integral, usable and valuable part of a business and we offer strong and effective solutions with an enduring impact.

Our clients, whether they are blue chip corporations or small businesses always receive support or development solutions designed around their specific needs. We work in partnership with our clients gaining thorough understanding of their business goals and needs. The latest techniques and creative thinking are used to design the appropriate work solution and plan every aspect of its development, implementation and support. We are partners in our customers’ success and offer 24/7 support. We consistently use development and support processes that deliver and maintain industry strength software.

In 2016, Broadgate expanded its global delivery capabilities and resource pool with fresh investment from our Director, Gautam Venkataramani, a part of the $2 Billion Amalgamations Group family based out of Chennai, India. With an augmented offshore team and an expanded partner network, Broadgate has rapidly grown its global client base.

Our Team

The management team brings with them a wealth of IT business experience and expertise in the areas of process, project management, knowledge management, systems development, communications and data integration.

Our Values

We have a common goal throughout our operation - to add real value and provide quality services and solutions.


We will meet any client at any time, anywhere in the UK and the world.


We have very competitive implementation rates.


We keep things as simple as possible. From start to finish, each step is documented for you by our consultants.


We are focused, trained, certified and above all, passionate about what we do.


We work with companies of all sizes, from large corporates and SMEs that we support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We will only sell a solution which is a good fit for you and would rather refer a potential client to an alternative solution than provide the wrong one.